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Best EXIF Editor for Windows, Mac, and Phones

Best EXIF Editor for Windows, Mac, and Phones
Best EXIF Editor for Windows, Mac, and Phones

Best EXIF Editor for Windows, Mac, and Phones

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What are EXIF Editors?

EXIF editors or EXIF editing tools are used for viewing, modifying, or removing EXIF data found in images. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format Data, which contains valuable information about photos taken using digital cameras.

With an EXIF editor, you can modify the location of your images as needed. Or perhaps, you can also completely wipe out all EXIF data in your photos to safeguard your photography style or have concerns over your privacy.

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Best EXIF Editors for Mac

Finding the best EXIF editor for Mac can be quite the challenge. After all, you'll need a user-friendly EXIF editor that goes well with Mac devices. Luckily, there are many editors that go well with Mac platforms, including the following:

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1. AnyExif

AnyExif is an impressive EXIF editor for Mac that allows you to organize, safeguard, and alter EXIF data in your pictures with its vast array of hands-on features. One of these includes its Add a Flag feature, which is used for marking specific images to quickly locate them. AnyExif is an offline software to edit Exif on Mac without any limitations. You can also bulk edit and modify your images with this tool too. According to the developer, you can enjoy more advanced features in updated versions. Let’s look at some highlight features of AnyExif.

  • Allows users to view, edit, and modify multiple Exif data
  • Utilizes a clean, beginner-friendly interface
  • Includes a single workspace for managing and editing your photos
  • Enables you to manage many photos or folders at the same window
  • Has an Add a Flag feature for marking photos
  • Offers all editing features for free
  • Never store personal info from users

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2. EXIF Studio

EXIF Studio is an amazing EXIF editor if you need an easy method to modify your photo's GPS, IPTC, XMP, and the like. With this tool, you simply have to choose the images you need to work on and upload them to the app. From there, you can go ahead and alter, add, or remove some or all of your image's metadata.

  • Allows batch EXIF data editing of photos
  • Allows the creation of presets

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3. MetaImage

If you're primarily working on a photo's GPS metadata, using MetaImage is your best bet. It's a mighty EXIF editor used for modifying a photo's metadata. After all, it supports over a hundred image formats and metadata tags, making it a great tool for professionals.

  • Supports the creation of presets
  • Allows batch processing of images
  • Allows you to enter addresses by selecting the map

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Best EXIF Editors for Windows

If you're after the best EXIF editor for Windows, here are a few picks recommended for every Windows user.

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1. ExifTool

Exiftool is an excellent EXIF editing tool if you need to modify EXIF data with high-quality photo file formats. After all, modern-day digital cameras often utilize these file formats. Aside from that, ExifTool also supports a wide variety of formats, including JPEG, PNG, DNG, TIFF, RAF, CR2, and more.

  • Provides batch EXIF data editing and removal
  • Lets you input your own keywords
  • Automatically generates backups of your work

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2. GeoSetter

GeoSetter is an ad-free EXIF editing tool programmed to read a photo's EXIF data. Besides that, it is also developed to look for specific information in your photos. With GeoSetter, you can choose between automated or manual geotagging to set the location in your photo's EXIF data.

  • Includes an option to automatically geotag your images
  • Automatically retrieves the geolocation of a photo to easily embed it in an image's IPTC header

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3. Quick EXIF Editor

Quick Exif Editor is a fantastic EXIF editing tool that can be used for free. Moreover, it's a powerful and compact editor that doesn't require installation. Despite its small size, it readily offers all the primary features you'll need to modify your EXIF data.

  • Provides a preview of images
  • Allows imports and exports of EXIF files
  • Offers features for photo adjustments

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Best EXIF Editors for Phones Exif

Who says you can't edit EXIF data on phones? With the right EXIF editing tool designed for phones, you can also freely make changes to your picture's metadata too. With that said, here are some recommendations you can try out below:

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1. Metadata

Metadata is a superb EXIF editing tool that lets you edit an image's EXIF data through your smartphone. It uses an easy-to-understand card interface. Simply drag and drop photos on this app, and you should be able to change or remove a photo's EXIF data as required.

  • Quickly displays your image's metadata information, including its dimensions, DPI, photo file size, geolocation, and more
  • Includes an optional subscription plan for advanced features

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2. Advantages of EXIF Editors

You can experience a ton of advantages when utilizing EXIF editors. As stated above, they're very powerful tools that can make photo metadata editing a breeze. With that said, here are the benefits you can experience if you decide to use an EXIF editor when editing photo metadata below:

  • Saves you time from editing multiple photos' metadata
  • Simplifies the process of EXIF editing for you
  • Prevents you from committing mistakes or inaccuracies when altering EXIF data

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Why Use EXIF Editors?

EXIF editors provide an easy way to edit or delete EXIF data in your pictures. The best EXIF editors, such as AnyExif and ExifTool, often come with numerous valuable features that make EXIF editing much easier. Such features include batch EXIF data editing, instant delete options, various plugins, and more.

Fortunately, a variety of EXIF editors are compatible with Windows, Mac, and even phone devices. So, if you're looking for the best EXIF editor for your corresponding device, look no further than the EXIF editors suited for different platforms.

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Once again, EXIF editors offer an easy and hassle-free way to modify or wipe out the EXIF data present in your pictures. Aside from giving you a quick way to alter your image's metadata, most EXIF editing tools also come with great features that make EXIF editing a faster and easier process.

In this article, we have introduced many powerful Exif editors for Mac, Windows, and Phones. With them, you can Edit EXIF data easily and quickly. If you use Mac, AnyExif would be a great tool to view, add, and remove Exif from photos. There are also good programs on our list to help you Edit Exif on Windows and phones. Compare each tool's features and find the best tool for yourself. Overall, if you are struggling with your EXIF editing process, downloading a valuable EXIF editor will quickly solve all your current issues. Thank you!

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